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In Thank God! They Moved My Cheese, John C. Riley shares with you his personal story and four key strategies on how you can transition from an employee to an entrepreneur. John hopes that his story will serve as inspiration and encouragement as you envision a new life for yourself filled with the dreams of your choosing. Like many of you, John was told that he was special and he dreamed of doing something wonderful with his life. However, after more than 17 years in corporate America, chasing someone else’s dream, he found that his own dreams were fading. Procrastination became an ally. He became unsure about where to start and lacked the faith to take the first step. He was tired of waiting until the time was right or all of the bills were paid. Fortunately, he fought his fears and summoned the courage to try again after seeing the hand writing on the wall. Thank God! They Moved My Cheese highlights his fears, struggles and triumphs. This book will encourage you to rekindle your dreams and develop a plan for your personal success that will direct you toward a life that you choose.

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